10 Reasons Why Android L Is Better Than Apple’s iOS

If you are an Android user then you are about to experience a complete new interface and look of the OS with amazing new features and designing. Google has completely redesigned its Android OS to provide users a new experience and going head to head with Apples iOS.
Here are the Top 10 Reasons that Android score over iOS:
  1. Material Design

Material design is a new interface on the Android OS which is sleek, neat and colourful and provide same user experience on all the devices whether you’re using phone, tablet or a smart watch. It has also made the interface appealing and interactive.

  1. Animations

The animations and colors on the Android L is designed to attract your attention to the most important detail on the screen. For example, the media player buttons in media player are emphasized.

  1. Paper Design

The Paper Design will make the app icons to rise up rather than to sink down when you tap them and the material design is based on the same principle as paper.

  1. App Icons

The icons on Android L is based on geometric shapes, which will make them pop up and appear more symmetrical.

  1. Floating Action

Take a gaze at how that Constitute button in the Gmail app pops out. That floating action key is going to make a big entrance in apps all through Android.

  1. App Design

All the applications on Android L will show small animations as you touch the screen.

  1. Colour Scheme

Now the developers can add vibrant and bright colours to the apps. So we can expect to see higher contrast apps with bolder and brighter colours.

  1. Universal Interface

Now all the devices will have the same user interface in spite of the device you are using like smartphone, table or a smart watch.

  1. Smooth Transitions

The transitions on the Android L is going to be very smooth as if you’re turning the pages of a book.

    10. Interface Elements

Google has developed a colour palette that specifically highlights shades and tints adding more life to user interface.

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